The History of Stonebridge

The STONEBRIDGE RESTAURANT established its roots as a small unassuming local seafood wholesaler known as Milford Seafood, which opened its doors in 1949 and provided thousands of pounds of fresh catch to local restaurants for years.

Now, The STONEBRIDGE RESTAURANT, celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2019, is proud to be a cornerstone of the thriving Downtown Milford Entertainment District. Known to the locals as the "Bridge", we have grown from a small fresh fish market into a full-service, upscale restaurant and catering facility.

Come celebrate a New England tradition!!! It's a reason to celebrate at Milford Crossing Place!!!

We are constantly upgrading the Stonebridge and giving back to our customers, year after year after year, who have given so much to us over the 70 years we have been a part of your lives.

We've come so far but we're happy to say that we are only getting started!!!